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Learn English: how to save on training, without losing quality?

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Here we come close to the school year. Tomorrow, our kids go to school. In adults, there is also the idea that we need to do their learning and improve their management skills. About to tighten English, often recall at this time. Late summer and early September is usually the time find the best place for their own learning.

In late August, we Nastya (name changed) met at the seminar. The workshop did not address the topic of learning English and did not address the teaching of languages in principle. But, as usually happens in between, to rest from the main theme of learning to switch and take a breath, all the participants who were talking about. Our conversation somehow turned to the topic of language learning.

Nastia was trained on a course of English «English as a Second Language» in one of the many centers of Applied Education, which exist in the CIS. Previously, she studied English, as we all do: school, institution, self-learning. When Anastasia came up for a free introductory lesson of the course and passed testing, it recommended further studies with the second level.

This is rather embarrassing - to understand that you had already learned something, but never reached any sort of acceptable level - a level somehow appropriate to the amount of time that was spent on training. Nastya did not become upset. It was set to achieve the goal. And after the trial lesson her belief that the long process of learning is finally completed successfully, has increased. In any case, there was hope, «light at the end of the tunnel».

Nastya told that the training was interesting. Remember: early learning in this course, Anastasia is the second level, that is, it is already more or less confidence could make and say a few short sentences, using three simple times. Her first joyful realization early in the second level of training was that, it turns out, it can really can say something in English! «Language untied» here it fairly quickly. Of course, such an effect inspired Nastya training and even an intensive schedule of training is not perceived it as a big and heavy load.

We all know that, unfortunately, even after a large number of courses, after a long training, many still have problems in communicating in English. And now, having just two levels, accessible only to the middle of all of the basic course, this girl talking about how to passed the exam at the end of the third level, complained that the examination qualify did not attach too much significance to the fact that fluency in the middle for the group increased not so much as she had expected.

«We have your problems!» - Surely exclaim many. Here in the months and years of training in general condition is that she opens her mouth like a fish and nothing you say. «Dog's syndrome» - all understand, but can not say anything - this is the usual result of a large number of training programs and techniques. Why? The reason in each case its own.

But you will agree that feel the pain, because two years (or more) to learn English and are still experiencing difficulties, in order to talk to someone in English or upset because, after two and a half months of training, your English is not flowing so fast flow, as you expected - vary considerably in strength and quality of the disorder. Do not talk at all or to speak more slowly ... What would you choose?

No, the course is not taken away some very talented people. He is not really possible to start here from scratch with complete ignorance of the language. But the result will always be similar in different individuals. Least because enrollment in the group has always depended on the level of ownership (mostly oral) of English speech. Oral - because the speed of thought in this case requires much higher than when writing any text. Thus, when enrolling in a group always requires a certain level of certain skills - does not matter, only that you have come to learn (after a long break or other places of training) or go to the next level of the course.

If you return to the topic of today's article - about the time and quality, it is easy to see that Nastia is obviously made a good choice, but training may well be regarded as qualitative. As we already know, a good result was achieved in a short time, and this suggests that the time is spent wisely. If you have to take into account the average cost of academic hours of teaching time, which is not more than 250 rubles, then there is a clear savings.

When Anastasia finish the remaining three levels (this is, it should take another four months), it will capture all the practical grammar and vocabulary to the minimum necessary, which means that it will continue to develop independently.

Remember how we all learned the native language? When was mastered a language base, we started to talk a lot, and adults, we recommend reading a lot. This is a developing ability to express their own thoughts, promotes accumulation of vocabulary, expressions of stability margin and so on and so forth. Great savings effort, time and money!

If you are busy looking for a training facility for yourself, pay attention and at that rate, at which she studied the girl, which we are so often mentioned. To view the basic principles on which it is built on it taught to you, visit a free introductory lesson in Moscow or other cities in the CIS (the list of their constantly updated and can be found at the course).

This does not mean that we encourage you to study only here and nowhere else, only in this way and no more. All people have different problems. Some people want quick and simple solution, someone ready to bite into for years meticulously granite science and he interested in the process and not so important practical language skills, for example. Somewhere between these two extremes lies an infinite number of intermediate needs. You need to clearly define your goal and we wish you this year to find exactly what you want, and achieve their goals in learning English.

Since the beginning of the new school year! And let this year be successful for you!

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Why buy a diploma?

smart dog

Type in any search engine «Buy diploma» - and you will fall many proposals from various companies that offer to purchase state diplomas. Starting from the certificate of secondary school and ending with «peel» Doctor of Science.

Diplomas are offered to any university, any profession, any year - from the Soviet era and ending with today. Proposals for all tastes and needs. Enough to leave a message or call the number listed - and a few days the coveted diploma is already in his pocket.

A logical question: who needs such profanity? In the end, the diploma - it is only a piece of cardboard, not more. But this is only one side of the issue. This «a piece of cardboard» is a symbol of higher education. But to get higher education - need to sweat.
diploma hat
Not so long ago in the turbulent 90 years of the last century, the diplomas were thrown in the distant boxes as unnecessary. Wave began capitalizing washed many graduates from their seats, and instead to deal with the core business, they had to retrain. Most went into commerce. Many - successfully. Some - very successfully. Somebody became a successful owner of a business. Someone - or middle-paid employee of a commercial structure. Diplomas peacefully gathered dust in the drawers.

The business of deal not only with graduates. In the 90 years, traded the whole country. Just a few months, power production has become a huge clothing market. Merchants were selling those who had higher educational qualifications, traded and those who have never been able to go to college. And successful business people become like those and others.

Now, commercial, flood waters have entered into certain limits. It has become more civilized. And the first thing that has changed - offer of employment. If you open the announcement of a job, it turns out that most employers want to have staff solely with higher education. And, often even does not matter which of the vacancy closes. Still required as accountants with higher education in a large commercial company, and «a girl on the phone» a small company - also with a higher education.

Many people do not have in time for the precious «peel», were outsiders. They began to play in the rat race - they did not have higher education. But it is perceived somewhat differently - in terms of the injured party. I think not that the problem is lack of higher education, and - in the absence of the diploma!

Little linguistic artifice, but as it changes the whole essence of the problem! Not education, and a diploma. No phenomenon, and its symbol ...

The most interesting is that the value of higher education in the university is not in the knowledge that pours student's head. Focus - in their systematization. As one very smart teacher: «Five years in high school are taught to use reference books».

And it is - the real truth. Because in principle - everyone who has a little bit of common sense, intelligence and specific abilities, it is able to independently read a textbook and learn some discipline. The program is designed for the university that prepared a list of disciplines required for mastery of a particular profession. Conducted not only theoretical but also practical exercises (sometimes - pretty pathetic, but still give some idea, and simply touch the device with his hands, in the event of a technical university - already a huge step forward). And - most important! - Consistently taught to determine the direction to search for new knowledge, be self-training program and a list of required courses.

Of course, such training is not in the forehead, but that is exactly what is - the cornerstone of higher education. Not for nothing is simple at first glance it as learning to use reference books, takes a minimum of five years.

This - the phenomenon of higher education. A symbol - this is the very institute «peel», which have lacked many people. And, considering that they possess the knowledge, all relevant chosen profession, people are buying the diplomas. In fact - forged documents. And use them for employment (the holders of diplomas can count on more promising towns), to move up the career ladder, etc. Even to get a job abroad.

In principle, many of these buyers diplomas really have the knowledge to perform a particular job. On their side, and yet large enough practical experience. But ... systematization, the ability to use reference books - that's what they lack.

Of course, the obvious question to ask or «paper» book or Internet search engine everyone can. In another case - a guarantee of the correctness of the language issue. And here benefit those with higher education now, and not just bought a diploma (albeit with great experience, etc.).

Incidentally, the above categories «thirsty crusts» - this is not all potential buyers of diplomas. In the arms of «documentary scam» get people who have the most genuine higher education, but lost the certificates for any reason, and without the possibility of their recovery. For example, those who received a diploma in Soviet times, after finishing high school in one of the fraternal republics. He turns out to be cheaper to pay for the «up» diploma manufactured «craftsmen», than take a long and arduous process of this recovery.

Another category of buyers - this is business, subject to legislative restrictions of activities in the absence of profile education. These sufferers who do not have time to get profile «peel», just have to apply for a fake. To be able to proceed.
There is absolutely harmless buyers of fake diplomas. These are people who for whatever reasons, were unable to enter or complete college. But very much want parents to be proud of. I do not have the strength to tell my parents that higher education has turned a shameful failure. Incidentally, this category usually buyers - seeking to comfort the parents - quite successful in life, people who are absolutely not hampered by the lack of higher education. But parents - the sacred, and bought fake «peel», to show their mom and dad: «Read, be proud, I - a graduate of ...».

Reading the sweet promises of distributors of fake diplomas, just dismayed. They promise all the benefits of peace only for «crust». They are called higher education - a tick in the questionnaire. And there is hope for one thing: the popularization of higher education. To the report finally to all - what real advantages does higher education (rather than its symbol - a diploma!), Is different than a specialist with a higher education simply by a competent specialist, without higher education.

But all this requires not only the cheerful stories about domestic institutions, but - modernization and modification of the education system itself. Hope still there ...

source: София Варган"ШколаЖизни.ру

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